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Moving home is a matter of confidence. As movers we realize this better than anyone else. Africa Mobility Services (AMS) likes to earn your trust by giving you the best moving experience. We aim to ensure that the relocation experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. AMS has been providing moving services for many years, and we have the experience that is required to really understand and act on our clients’ needs.

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  • Moving
    personal goods
  • Moving
    personal goods

    After all, moving means that ‘strangers’ get direct access to your house and personal belongings. Strangers that make an inventory of your belongings, pick up your cherished items and put them all in a removals van. So you want this process to be risk-free, safe and secure.

    Professional packaging

    Our professionals can take care of the special handling of precious items like valuable paintings, large or small, using special materials. Our specially trained movers can also disassemble and reassemble beds and wardrobe systems. For hanging clothes, we use special carton wardrobes, which will be sealed so that the contents are optimally protected against dirt and weather conditions. Our pro-active approach and professionalism mean that you will experience a truly high-quality service – and that’s what makes us unique.

    Support for any type of move

    No matter if it concerns a single-family home or an apartment on the fifth floor, we have everything in house to logistically support any type of move. In a professional way and with reliable professional equipment.

  • International pet
  • International pet

    If you have a pet, you want to ensure that it receives the extra care and attention it needs when you move abroad. Proper and professional advice, as well as timely preparation, can make the difference.

  • Moving
  • Moving

    In today’s world of international moving services, technology plays an increasingly important role and can create efficiency from start to finish of any move. Africa Mobility Services makes use of a number of technologies to optimize the process for both ourselves and our clients.


    Reedge is our global IT platform which enables virtual teams and any local member providing origin and destination services to connect and share data in synchronised removal files to guarantee a seamless flow of information and communication.

    Reedge operators can ‘link’ their files dynamically when they have a role in a relocation. Linked files have private and public data areas. Public data elements are dynamically synchronised so that double key entry is eliminated. Because it is a web-based system, non‐Reedge operator, involved in a move will receive a secure password to Reedge. This enables them access to only edit and/or read the relevant move files in which they have a role. Access is strictly controlled to ensure the security of personal data and information. Reedge forms the basis of our move and relocation management. In a Virtual team all stakeholders are connected.


    • is developed by leading industry experts that understand the needs of the global mobility manager and their teams.
    • is a revolutionary system that leverages technology to improve efficiency, productivity and connectivity.
    • connects all parties involved in relocation into a single system providing seamless and controlled access to real‐time information.
    • is a secure, web-based application that can be accessed from any internet‐enabled location with browser‐enabled devices, including smart phones and tablet‐based PCs.
    Move Dashboard

    We believe that optimum utilization of the data we have available is essential to enhance the services we provide our clients. With Move Dashboard we have data at our fingertips – anytime, anywhere.

    Securely accessible anywhere in the world, 24/7, the internet-access based MoveDashboard provides real-time data synchronization across all mobile and connected computing devices. By making use of the MoveDashboard we seamlessly connect all phases in the move process, enabling us to execute decisions based on the most accurate and up to the minute data in our system. We are happy to discuss more about the advantages and security you can gain by using the latest technical advances such as MoveDashboard.

    • Accessibility
    • Security
    • Business Insights
    • Application Management
    • Automation
    • Storage
    • Analytics
    • Dashboard
    • Computing Power
    Video Survey

    Video surveys are available when a physical survey cannot be carried out, due to difficult proximity to an address of the dwelling.

    All you need is a mobile device, like a tablet or mobile phone, and reliable internet. The survey is recorded, noting fragile and high-value  items which need extra care.


    CrewPro, developed by Move4u, is a revolutionary digital inventory management system that streamlines the moving process and allows the efficient and accurate cataloguing and tracking of customers’ goods, ensuring a seamless transition during the move.

    One of the key advantages of CrewPro is its ability to effortlessly create digital inventories of items, complete with detailed descriptions, images and condition reports. Not only does this digital transformation simplify the process, save time and minimize the chances of misplacing or damaging items during transit, it also facilitates efficient communication between the moving crew and the customer. By enabling real-time updates, CrewPro allows customers to access information about their move and belongings instantly.

    CrewPro enables effortless barcode scan on items, linking them to their digital profiles in the inventory system, thereby eliminating manual data entry errors and ensuring the precise tracking of each item throughout the moving process. The system also generates detailed reports, offering valuable insights into the inventory. This data-driven approach enhances operational efficiency and resource planning as well as contributes to better decision-making.

    By leveraging Move4u’s CrewPro digital inventory, at Africa Mobility Services we have revolutionized our moving operations, elevating our service quality and showcasing our commitment to embracing technological advancements and delivering exceptional customer experiences.


    The ClaimApp is an effective software solution for use in cases where household items are damaged or lost. It provides you with an easy-to-use electronic form and greatly assists in claim handling.

    The ClaimApp captures all the relevant information and photos, and uploads these directly for quick review and processing. The user interface is especially designed to make claim submission clear, complete and error-free. Key features include:

    • Cost Savings
    • Clear Overview
    • Usability
    • Integration

    The SurveyApp is a flexible self-survey solution that provides you with the possibility to do your own home pre-move survey and gives you a clear view of the household items that need to be moved.

    We offer the best customer experience possible and rapid response times to requests for a moving quote. It works directly from your smartphone and by making use of your phone’s built-in features and camera functions. Your self-surveys is uploaded directly into the MoveDashboard, so we can respond immediately using the quick cubing volume function and automatically create inventory lists to send out with your offer.

    Take the next step to use the application by downloading the survey app in the App Store or Google Play Store.
    Click on one of the buttons below, login with your e-mail address and use the following code: 588040 to start using this app.

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