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Relocating to Africa?

When you relocate, it’s about more than finding a house. It’s about creating a home in a new environment.

Africa Mobility Services

Your home in Africa.

Our services

Moving home

Experience counts for a lot. AMS has been providing domestic and international removal services for many years. We have the knowledge and experience that is required to really understand and fulfil our clients’ needs and wishes.

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Relocation management

AMS provides advice on the best way for you and your family to begin life in your new environment, from documentation and local customs to what’s needed and what’s expected. The whole process, stress-free.

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International logistics

Whether you're a company relocating, an expanding retailer or searching for a trustworthy partner for your valuable shipments, AMS goes the extra mile for you to optimize every link in the chain.

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Turnkey solutions

Because each assignment has its own set of requirements, the solutions AMS provides are customized accordingly.

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Relocation isn’t just a question of finding a house,
it’s about creating an enjoyable life
in a brand new culture.

About us

AMS caters for all your mobility needs in Africa through a single contact source so that you have you complete peace of mind and a great start to life in a new environment.

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